Consolidating Aged Care Guidance

Consolidating Aged Care Guidance

 APRAC and COMPAC Guidelines - ThumbnailMany of you may be familiar with the Residential Aged Care (RAC) Hub which is found in the CareSearch website. The RAC Hub was developed by CareSearch in collaboration with Aged Care stakeholders and launched in 2011 drawing on the work used to develop the APRAC Guidelines. It was one of the first web resources focusing on palliative care in aged care facilities and led the way in connecting the aged care workforce with quality evidence.

In 2017, the palliAGED website was launched. palliAGED was funded by the Department of Health to provide a new form of palliative care guidance for aged care – both residential aged care and home care. It was designed to update and replace the APRAC and COMPAC Guidelines (485kb pdf).

As part of our current work program we have completed a review of the role of the RAC Hub in CareSearch. One of the aims of this review was to consolidate content to create a single source for evidence based palliative care guidance for aged care. We have been working with the palliAGED Advisory Group and the CareSearch Advisory Group to finalise a plan. 

We are now moving to implement this plan. The first steps include:

  • Update the Australian Context pages and add new pages to cover the Facility issues found in the RAC Hub
  • Develop a set of palliAGED Practice Tips that cover the Care Issues found in the RAC Hub

These two projects are now completed. Dr Stephen Richards has helped us develop the new pages for the Australian Context section and Dr Katrina Erny-Albrecht and Ms Susan Gravier have finalised the palliAGED Practice Tips sheets. Both of these projects were released in 2019. We will continue to add suitable RAC Hub content to palliAGED over the next few months with project completion scheduled for September 2019. The full RAC Hub Project Plan is found on the CareSearch website.

New Content

As well as content that is moving from RAC Hub, we are also creating new evidence summaries. Three topic have been endorsed for development: Intimacy & sexuality, mental illness, and psychosocial care. The first of these, Sexuality and intimacy, is currently being externally reviewed.

Updating Content

Ensuring evidence currency is like painting Sydney Harbour Bridge - it requires ongoing commitment. We scan monthly for new systematic reviews that could affect the content found in the Evidence Summaries. New review evidence is appraised following our Evidence Review Process (169kb pdf). We also review Australian aged care sources for new tools, practice resources or care items that could be included within the Practice Centre.

Page updated 28 February 2019