Building the palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets

palliAGED Review GroupAged care provides care for many older Australians the end of life. The Residential Aged Care (RAC) Hub was one of the first online resources that made evidence based resources available to the staff working in aged care facilities. It was developed by CareSearch in collaboration with Aged Care stakeholders and launched in 2011 drawing on the work used to develop the APRAC Guidelines. As part of the review of the RAC Hub which has been undertaken by CareSearch, it has been agreed that a number of sections previously held in the RAC Hub should be housed in palliAGED. This includes a series of well-used pages looking at common care issues and considerations at the end-of-life.

Why Practice Tips Sheets?

As part of the planning to bring this content into palliAGED, the possible format of material that could be used by the aged care workforce was discussed with the palliAGED Advisory Group. The Group agreed that succinct information providing tips for practice would be especially valuable. The need to ensure currency of the information was also raised. Importantly, the Group also recognised the value of creating content not just for nurses but also for careworkers.

A two-step process enabled updating of the current RAC Hub information based on a scan of current literature and resources. The first step of this process led to a series of Tip sheets likely suited to Residential Aged Care Facility RN and EN information needs where experience in palliative care may be limited.

The second process involved the reduction of this information to the most relevant care or knowledge points for the careworker scope of responsibility.

Two face to face review groups were held in December 2018 to consider the draft content and topic coverage of the Tip Sheets.

What’s in a Practice Tips Sheet?

A total of 29 tip sheets have been finalised for Careworkers. Each has a companion sheet for nurses containing next level information, and all sheets include questions for self-reflection.

Each Tip sheet is based on the following format:

  • What it is about, 
  • Why it matters, and
  • What I need to know

The palliAGED website is being further developed to provide a Practice Tips subsection within the Practice Centre.

Marketing strategies including social media and follow-up surveys of product use have been developed to support release of the palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets. Please contact palliaged@flinders.edu.au if you are willing to be involved in providing feedback.

Page updated on 28 February 2019