Entering Residential Aged Care

You, or someone you care about, may be considering moving into an aged care home. If so, you may have questions about the process. My Aged Care has detailed information about finding a home that can meet your care needs, now and into the future. This includes information on how to find the right place, applying for entry and the financial processes. If you are entering an aged care home from a hospital admission, the hospital team will support you in finding a place. 

Once you have been offered a place in an aged care home, you can start preparing to move. The Aged Care website has information managing the move to aged care.  While the aged care home will have the furniture and furnishings, bringing some of your personal items can help make the space feel more like your home. So, talk to the staff about what you can bring.

During the admission process, staff will discuss financial matters. This will be with the resident or with a nominated person. You may have questions about what will happen to bonds or prepaid care fees, after the death. You may feel uncomfortable asking about this. If you are the next of kin, or person financially responsible, the office staff will understand your need to know. They will be happy to explain their policies. All aged care homes have procedures for refunding payments, in line with government regulations.

Many facilities will also talk to you about your health references for the future, particularly around treatment during a serious illness. This way you can still have the treatment you want if you can no longer take part in decisions about your health. Talking to your family or friends about this can be reassuring.

Useful Tip

Making arrangements with a senior nurse / manager beforehand is the best way of ensuring your wishes are known.

Page created 11 July 2019


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