Associated Websites

Associated Websites

Australasian Telehealth Society. Current (freely accessible website)
The ATS is supporting telehealth advancement in various sectors and covering a broad range of domains including health, academic institutions, government and industry partners. The ATS website provides information on events, latest news and networking opportunities.

Centre for Online Health. Current (freely accessible website)
The Centre for Online Health is a part of the School of Medicine within the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Queensland. Clinically focussed research with an emphasis on examining the feasibility, efficacy, clinical effectiveness and economics of telehealth and telemedicine in a variety of settings. This includes an academic and vocational education and training in e-Healthcare and clinical telehealth and COH is also a service provider of clinical telemedicine services.

Health Informatics Society of Australia. Current (freely accessible website)
HISA supports education, professional development and networking of e-health and health informatics professionals. The website provides the latest news, information about upcoming events and resources to assist health professionals.

Centre for Research Excellence in Telehealth Policy Digest. Current (freely accessible website)
A reviewed collection of telehealth policies, position statements, guidelines, frameworks and standards. Review was undertaken during October 2015.

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