What we know

Most older people will be able to be able to receive palliative care and end-of-life care where they normally live. It is important to recognise that the care needs of people as they approach the end-of-life change. Referral for specialist palliative care may be appropriate for some people to manage severe symptoms, to respond to extreme distress or provide specific care planning support.

What can I do?

Remember that not everybody who is appraoaching the end of life needs to be referred to a palliative care service.

Palliative Care Australia maintains a national directory of palliative care services. Check if they have specific referral criteria.



What can I learn?

The Advance Project provides training for General Practice Nurses in recogninsing and assessing palliative care needs in primary care.



What can my organisation do?

A Needs Assessment Tool: Progressive Disease (NAT: PD) (128kb pdf) can help determine if referral may be useful.

The Advance Project helps general practice nurses get involved with advance care planning and palliative care. Tell your staff about it.

Most palliative care services will have a referral sheet. Find your local palliative care service.

Page updated 22 May 2017